Orlando Magic reveal “City Pride” alternate uniform at media day

As I mentioned yesterday when the Golden State Warriors unveiled their “Slate” alternate uniforms, several NBA teams will be revealing alternate “City Pride” uniforms throughout the season. Those teams include the Celtics, Nets, Rockets, Suns, Warriors, and – you guessed it – the Magic.

Similar to the Lakers “Hollywood Nights”, Pistons “Motor City” and Trailblazers “Rip City” uniforms, these sleeved alternates pay homage to the history of the team’s location. The Magic revealed the new alternate uniform on social media, as several players modeled the look at the team’s media day photo shoot.

The uniform has pinstripes, just as the team’s home, road, and black alternate jerseys, but becomes the first in the team’s rotation to feature sleeves. Very similar to the uniforms that Louisville wore during its run to the 2013 NCAA Championship, there is piping on the shoulders that simulates the look of an undershirt.

The gray alternate has one distinguishable difference from the team’s standard set, however, as the side piping of the uniform is thinner than on any of Orlando’s other jerseys. We’ll add more photos as they become available.