Fantasy Football Logos from Buffalo Wild Wings

Fantasy football is starting to become if not already one of the biggest productivity destroyers in America.

A Chicago-based outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas approximated that,

“Fantasy football may cost employers more than $13 billion in lost productivity as millions of Americans who spend the season helming imaginary football teams spend work hours reviewing player statistics and managing their pretend rosters.”

Read the full article in the Chicago Tribune here.

But, fantasy football is something we all crave as the summer winds down.

It gives every person the opportunity to manage a team whether they played football or not.

Whether it’s the cash prize or the bragging rights that come with winning the fantasy football championship, this fantasy football fantasy has brought a whole new dimension to the game.

One of my favorite parts about joining a fantasy football league is naming your team.

Some team names are better than others and some are just plain funny, but each name has an opportunity to be remembered and celebrated at the end of the fantasy playoffs.

Buffalo Wild Wings asked fans to come up with some fantasy football names and now they are beginning to post logos for 24 team names on their Instagram profile.

We will continue to update this post daily as all 24 logos come out over the next couple of days.

Here are all the logos so far.

What are some of your favorite names for a fantasy football team? Have you ever designed any logos for your team? If so, tweet us your logos and we will feature them on a future post here on Alternate Uni.