Bo Pelini Showcases New Alternate Uniform for Nebraska

Nebraska debuts “Red Rising” alternate uniforms for 2014.

Head coaches help direct and manage their respective programs.

From setting the vision for the team, to recruiting, to making the tough calls in close games, the job of a head coach is not always easy.

But, every now and then, a head coach can decide to take on an extra responsibilities.

Nebraska’s head coach, Bo Pelini decided that he would not only make the announcement about the teams alternate uniforms for 2014. But he also decided to unveil the uniform himself, be putting it on.

Ever since Tuesday at the Big Ten media days when Pelini told reporters that the Huskers would break out alternate uniforms for their Big Ten opener on September 27 against Illinois, we all have been waiting for the unveiling.

Well that day is today.

The coached stormed into the team meeting room were his players were waiting and did a few fist pumps and tried to get his players pumped up.

Whether it was the coaches physic that looked unflattering  in the Adidas tech-fit uniform or his not so great pump-up moves, the team seemed to laugh more than cheer about the new uniforms they will where this year.

Nebraska football is celebrating their 125th season and Adidas has given them a all-red uniform to celebrate it in.

The jerseys feature a red helmet with a black “N” as well as metallic stripes on the jersey and pants. The jersey features TECHFIT technology with lightweight black and metallic numbers and a base layer that features a large Nebraska “N” on it.

The gloves have the years 1890 and 2014 on the sides of the Nebraska “N” which celebrate the 125 year history of the historic program.

This uniform has been dubbed, “Red Rising”. 

We will see if the name sticks throughout the season or if we will have to rename it “Red Falling” if Nebraska falters on the field. 

Either way, Nebraska has given us another alternate uniform to talk about until the season gets underway.

What are your thoughts on the Huskers new uniforms?