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NBA Logo Bumped To Back Of Jerseys Which Leaves The Front Clean For Now...

Yesterday, the Charlotte Hornets unveiled their brand new uniforms for the upcoming season (check them out here).

It was during this time that uniform enthusiasts like you and I took notice of something different about these uniforms.

It wasn’t the lack of pinstripes or the use of Hornets instead of Charlotte on two the the jerseys. It wasn’t even the fact that we found out that the Jordan brand designed the uniforms (which is a big slap in the face for NBA uniform supplier Adidas who still had to make a uniform they didn’t design).

Yesterday’s uniform unveiling was a coming out party for the NBA’s new rule about their own logo on all jerseys.

For years and years, we’ve all come to expect the NBA logo to be found on either the top left or right of the jersey (shown here). The Miami Heat was the last team to have the logo switched to the left side of the jersey after their championship season in 2012 (Compare: Right, Left).

Now, all NBA jerseys will move the logo to the back of the jersey above the player name, as seen below in Charlotte’s new jersey.


Shortly after the Hornets showed the updated NBA logo placement, the Brooklyn Nets also came out with news about the logo. For the Nets, the NBA logo will take the place of the Net’s basketball logo that was above the player name.

So, what’s the big deal about this new logo placement for the NBA?

1. Tradition

It takes away the long standing tradition of what an NBA jersey looks like (NBA logo came out in 1969). The “Big Four” of sports leagues (NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA) all have a well known logo placement on their uniforms. The NFL shield has always been in the center of the collar on jerseys. MLB places their logo on the top back of their jerseys. NHL also has their logo on the collar of the jersey. Because the NBA logo is vertical is really lowers the players name and number on the back of the jersey unlike the MLB logo which is horizontal.

2. Clean Design

Without the NBA logo on the front of jerseys, it will make for a cleaner looking uniform. College basketball uniforms are so cluttered with teams having conference logos, American flags, apparel logos, and tournament logos all on the front. I think the less on the uniform, the better.

3. Advertising

The thing that nobody wants to see happen, but almost certainly will in time is uniform advertisement (because everyone loves WNBA uniforms). This might be the first step for the NBA in what will possibly bring in an annual revenue of $100 million if they decide to allow uniform advertising.

I don’t think uniform advertisement belongs in sports at all. Uniforms already stand for a brand. The uniform promotes the team’s brand. It’s not like the NBA needs more money. Is it greed? Maybe. Is it ridiculous? Yes.

The small movement of the historic logo might have bigger implications than we know.

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