Aug 27, 2012; Queens, NY, USA; A general view of an American Flag on top of Arthur Ashe Stadium during the match between Alex Bogomolov Jr. (RUS) and Andy Murray (GBR) on day one of the 2012 US Open at Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Memorial Day: Remembering those who sacrificed in uniform on the real field of battle

Take some time to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom this Memorial Day.

In sports, words such as sacrifice, battle and hero are often used by coaches or sports reporters to convey the idea that these games that are played on a court or a field are worth remembering.

Players are asked to sacrifice for their team.

Coaches lead their players into battle.

Heroes are born when the game is on the line.

And in the end, we the fans remember those great moments.

But today is not about sports and it’s not about the great moments that we will surly witness.

Today is about remembering those who have served the United States of America and gave their life so that we could enjoy living free. So that we could enjoy our families, our sports and our beautiful county.

Each of those men and women who came back to this country in a flag covered casket, and those who never found their way home, they all were willing to sacrifice for one another and for us.

These brave men and women were led into battles that were not just about winning and losing but about freedom and justice.

All of them were willing to put their lives on the line so that in the end, the great moments that are remembered are those moments of their family and friends enjoying life in the Land of the Free.

Thank you could never be said enough for their sacrifice.

So as you watch your favorite teams who will wear military style and flag uniforms, don’t just say, “That looks cool.”

Instead, remember those who sacrificed their lives wearing that military uniform and flag on their arm with pride.

Today’s Memorial Day. We mourn and remember on this day.

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