Adidas unveils 2014 March Madness uniforms


Adidas unveiled their new line of 2014 March Madness jerseys for their top nine contracted schools.  Now, these are definitely better than the Zubaz debacle we saw last year.  But still, Adidas’ push to give us sleeved basketball jerseys is odd.  Four of the nine schools will be wearing sleeved uniforms.  The four schools are UCLA (never touch their classic look), Louisville, Cincinnati, and Baylor.

At first when I saw the sleeved-jersey idea I thought, that’s cool for a team like the Warriors.  But never did I think Adidas would push it down our throats.  Now it is out of hand.

You look at brands like Nike who released alternate uniforms earlier this year for select schools, and they had a touch of throwback mixed with modern trends to make some great jerseys.

Adidas attempts for new uniforms just come off as trying too hard.  Look at Baylor for example.  The Bears have been Adidas’ college basketball guinea pig for the past few seasons.

Not only will Baylor be sporting sleeves and the highlighter yellow color, but they will have a school catch-phrase on the front, “Sic Em Bears”.  The front of a jersey should always have the school name, or at least the nickname.

Many of the schools in these new March Madness uniforms have their nickname on the front, and I endorse that.  But catchphrases?  No.  You won’t see Nike putting out a jersey that says, “Throw Up the U” for the Miami Hurricanes anytime soon.

The best jersey out of the group is Tennessee’s.  I loved the smokey gray in football, and the basketball edition looks great as well.  This will be one of the last times Tennessee is put through Adidas’ madness, as the Vols will be switching to Nike in 2015.  Also, Notre Dame will be going to Under Armour in the fall of 2014.

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