Tampa Bay Buccaneers new jersey for 2014 season

When Nike took over the exculsive NFL license in 2012, the sports apparel giant reveiled a new look for the Seattle Seahawks that had many feeling the Seahawks jerseys were gimmicky.  Well one Super Bowl Championship later, and two of the best selling jerseys in the NFL (Russell Wilson & Marshawn Lynch) the new look for the Seahawks has been a success.  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are hoping for a similar result with their new look that was inspired by Nike.

Like the Seahawks release in 2012, the Bucs new jersey release is coming in with bad reviews.  My first reaction to this new Bucs jersey was very similar to this guy….

Those numbers are terrible.  They truly do look like an alarm clock.  I love the new helmet for the Bucs, that is a big upgrade in my opinion, but this jersey leaves much to be desired.  The last Bucs uniform wasn’t anything special.  It was mediocre.  This new jersey does incorporate the past and present with the creamsicle orange on the shoulders and pants.  Which is a nice touch.  I’ve always felt that the orange creamsicle Bucs jerseys were some of the best in NFL history.

These drastic changes to the NFL uniforms feel very collegiate.  We are used to seeing these sort of changes in college football, but in the NFL?  It just doesn’t fit the personality of the league in my opinion.  But for a team that has lacked any identity since the Tony Dungy era, this might be the new resurgence this franchise needed.

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