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Wild Jersey Concepts for NFL & College Football

I’m always browsing Twitter and Facebook for the latest in jersey and apparel news.  Something came across my Twitter timeline that made me stop my thumbs from scrolling farther down.  Fox Sports’ Joel Klatt linked a picture of a wild Virginia Tech concept.  What’s sad when I first saw the jersey I thought it might be real. College Football jerseys, especially at Virginia Tech, have been so crazy the past few seasons that nothing is impossible anymore.  How can we forget the infamous rock helmet the Hokies wore a year ago?  This seems tame compared to a rock lid, am I right?

Here’s Klatt’s original tweet.

Looking at the photo a little bit closer I noticed there was a creator name listed, Mr. Design Junkie.  So obviously I decided to Google the name and came across his or her Facebook page.  Along with the Virginia Tech jersey there was many different jersey concepts in the albums.  The one that I actually liked was the Penn State concept (pictured above).

Here’s a link to all the NFL & College Football jersey concepts from Mr. Design Junkie.

I doubt we would ever see a transformation like these concepts in the NFL, but in college football?  Not entirely out of the question.  Would you be opposed to seeing wild uniforms like these?  How do you feel about the direction of alternate uniforms in college football’s right now?

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