Five Spring Training Hats that Should be Permanent Caps


Spring Training always produces fresh new Major League Baseball gear.  Some of the best on-field gear is released during Spring Training.  The fans get excited again once the new gear comes out, and how can fans not be excited for the 2014 batting practice caps that are being worn during Spring Training?

Each cap has an alternate logo and some of these caps should be the everyday hat for some ball clubs.  Lets take a look at the five teams that should make the switch over to the alternate Spring Training cap.

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  • Atlanta Braves



You instantly think of the rich history of the Bravos with this cap.  The cursive A is one of the best logos in baseball, and the two-tone look makes it pop.  You’ll look like a modern Hammerin’ Hank with this lid.

  • Cincinnati Reds



Now the Cincinnati “C” is iconic in it’s own right.  The C is one of the best selling hats in all of baseball.  But picture an opening day with the Reds starting the season donning a Mr. Red cap.  How sweet is that?  I’ve always felt Mr. Red has been under utilized on merchandise.

  • Chicago White Sox



The White Sox will always be red, white, and blue in my mind.  Yes, the switch to black and white has been great for sales.  The switch to black and white was due in large part to the success of Oakland Raiders gear.  White Sox gear in black and white became mainstream with “The Big Hurt” Frank Thomas, and the 2005 World Series title.  But the red, white, and blue will always be the White Sox to me.  Would love to see them go back.

  • Pittsburgh Pirates



This might be the best hat available this spring. I know I’m requesting legendary to caps to be switched, and the Pirates definitely fall under the iconic side with their black and yellow P.  But this Pirate cap is terrific.  This buccaneer pirate is too good to be ignored.

  • Toronto Blue Jays



Ditch the Blue Jay and embrace Canada.  Any Canadian that’s a baseball fan will buy this cap regardless of who they are a fan of. It’s a great lid. The Jays have been changing their logo every five years it seems.  Go with something that will always be one of your biggest identifying points, being located in Canada.  This hat embodies that perfectly.  Go with an all-white uniform with the vintage Blue Jay on the front, classy.

What are your favorite Spring Training hats?  Would you like to see any become a permanent lid for your favorite teams?

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