Tampa Bay Buccaneers Announce New Logo & Helmet

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced a new enhanced logo and helmet tonight.  Initial reactions seem to be positive.

The Bucs are only team in the NFL to have announced a new logo & helmet change this off-season.

This is definitely an upgrade for the Bucs who went to the red, pewter, and black colors in 1997.  I always felt that was a downgrade from the infamous orange creamsicle jerseys.  The Bucs brought back to the old creamsicle uniforms in a throwback the past two seasons.

Like any NFL logo change, the Bucs went with a meaner logo.  The flag is also waving in a different pattern than before.

The helmet is the biggest upgrade in my opinion.  Never have we seen a chrome face mask in the NFL, but now we have one with the Bucs. Dark Pewter on the helmet and a silver chrome on the face mask is a good look for the Bucs who usher in the Lovie Smith era this fall.

What are your thoughts on the new Buccaneers look?

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