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Oregon State's New Logo Leaked?

The Oregon State Beavers have been working on a new logo, which isn’t supposed to be finalized until this coming Fall. But, Graham Watson of Dr. Saturday has passed along a leaked photo that may well be the new look of the Beaver.

The image comes by way of the Instagram account owned by’s Art Director Mike Brisk, who posted a photo of the above logo on a Nike-branded t-shirt.

The new-look beaver is a much more aggressive image than the current incarnation, which has been used since 1997. Previous to that look, Oregon State employed a cartoonish beaver with a goofy smile on its face. As the University ages, apparently they’ve gravitated more toward an aggressive beaver.

As Watson notes, this new logo is completely unconfirmed and a lot can change before the Fall semester begins in Corvallis. Personally, I’m hopeful the school will reconsider going with this logo. I’m not a huge fan of the aerodynamic beaver shown above. I mean, there are only so many things you can make look scary and despite their large teeth, beavers just come off more as cuddly than anything else. It’s okay to embrace that.


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