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Check out the cool Southern Miss helmet decals the Golden Eagles wore Saturday

Southern Miss wore Veterans Day-inspired helmet decals for its home game against UTEP Saturday. The Golden Eagles lost 34-33, but the gesture is still genuine nonetheless.

The helmets feature three stripes, two red and one white/blue, inspired by the colors of the American flag. The stripes are customarily gold. In between the front two facemask brackets is the Southern Miss mascot name “Eagles,” which is featured in a color pattern of red-blue-red-blue-red-blue. On both sides of the helmet is the traditional Southern Miss logo decorated with the American flag. Usually the logo is black and gold.

Clearly, Southern Miss is not operating on a BCS conference team budget, so the team ordered custom decals opposed to ordering completely new helmets like Oregon would have done. Hence, the helmet scrapes and facemask scars on the headgear featured in the picture above.

It is pure speculation, but we assume Southern Miss wore these helmet decals because it did not have a home game last Saturday for Veterans Day, as the Golden Eagles played at Gerald J. Ford Stadium in a 34-7 loss to SMU last weekend.

(H/T | “Sunday Morning Uni-Watch”)

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