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Oklahoma City Thunder debut new uniforms previously leaked

The Oklahoma City Thunder debuted its new navy blue alternate uniforms Thursday that it will wear against the Detroit Pistons this coming Friday.

According to, the Thunder will also wear this uniform on New Year’s Eve against the Phoenix Suns.

Because the NBA wants teams to wear their home uniform as much as possible, teams are allowed to wear their alternate uniform only twice at home during the regular season. However, teams are allowed to wear their alternate 10 times on the road.

The Thunder is scheduled to wear the navy blue alternate for the following road games this season: Brooklyn (Dec. 4); Minnesota (Dec. 20); Washington (Jan. 7); Dallas (Jan. 18); Los Angeles Lakers (Jan. 27); Utah (Feb. 12); Denver (March 1); San Antonio (March 11); Indiana (April 5); Golden State (April 11).

These uniforms are not anything new to die-hard Thunder fans. I wrote on Oct. 10 how these uniforms wear leaked to the Internet after the release of NBA 2k13, the video game.

Photo Credit: Spartan Avenue, Pasta Padre

Photo Credit: Spartan Avenue, Pasta Padre

Here is what I wrote back in Oct.:

I’m unsure if it was intended or not, but the new Oklahoma City Thunder alternate uniforms were leaked on the Internet this week.

These alternates are very aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, are simple in nature and have a retro feel to them. The jerseys feature two colors: solid blue making up the majority of the tops and bottoms and small white piping that make the jerseys pop out.

The tops feature the player’s number off center and placed to the right just below the NBA logo. The team name, “Thunder” is written pointing downward in block letters on the left hand side of the uniform and is outlined in the white piping. On the backside, the player’s name is centered at the top just below the neck region and the numbers are centered slightly below the name.

The shorts have “OKC” running down the right thigh and the Thunder logo is in a blue and white alternate form running down the left thigh. Slightly below the trunk line of the shorts are what appear to be the words, “Oklahoma City.” The NBA logo is placed just below the player’s right hip bone on the bottoms.

Unfortunately for the Thunder and 2K Sports, the team name, “Thunder” is misspelled as “Thudner” on the front of the jersey. Despite the mishap on the tops, this uniform is very cool and will look great in real life whenever Oklahoma City decides to break these out this season. Less is more in this case, and I love it.

Fortunately for Oklahoma City, the uniform Nick Collison is wearing in the above picture has Thunder spelled correctly.

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